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Everybody Dies, by Jim Munroe, is a linear, fairly easy, and short (playable in under two hours) game. It won third place in the IF Competition and received the Best NPCs award from XYZZY News.

Everybody Dies has some interesting features, including the use of graphics to enhance parts of the narrative. I enjoyed the story and would recommend playing it for that, but the game was not particularly satisfying. There were no difficult puzzles, and no way to really mess up.

It is a very short game, which in some ways is too bad- the particular use of the NPCs in this game was too short-lived (hah) to really explore the applications or have fun with it. I completely forgot about it in the final puzzle, which I solved by guessing. I didn’t remember that I could have used the NPCs to help solve it until I read someone’s comment about that.

So, I’d say Everybody Dies is a good game for when you’re more interested in a good story than a tough game- don’t go into it looking for a challenge, or you’ll be disappointed.


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